Saturday, October 20, 2018

MYSTERY BYTES: TV, Movies, and other Media

Here's a Round-Up of some upcoming Mystery Movies, TV shows, and other media.

Lawrence Kasdan to Script & Direct Adaptation of Lou Berney's November Road. DEADLINE
Though the past several years have left Lawrence Kasdan focused in space writing Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Solo: A Star Wars Story, Kasdan will now focus on the period surrounding the JFK assassination. Kasdan has made a six-figure acquisition of the film rights to November Road, the upcoming novel from Edgar Award-winning author Lou Berney. The novel is just being published by William Morrow HarperCollins.

The Women Crime Writers with the Most Film Adaptations by Molly Odintz. CRIMEREADS
While the world at large bemoans the lack of opportunity for women directors, Hollywood has never felt the same reluctance when it comes to female novelists, happily assigning the biggest directors of the era to tackle complex subjects and reinterpret them in filmic code. It’s easy to forget how many films have been adapted from works by women writers, given how frequently the textual basis for famous films has been allowed to go out of print.

Stephen King is King of Hollywood Right Now. QUARTZY
This time it’s the second remake of the horror maestro’s novel Pet Sematary, about a family that moves to a home in the woods where they discover an ancient burial ground that can reanimate the dead. The story was first adapted in a 1989 film directed by Mary Lambert.

Death on the Nile cast. JANUARY MAGAZINE
Israeli actress Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) has joined the cast of Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile, his film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1937 Hercule Poirot novel. The movie is set for release in December 2019. 

Liam Neeson & Kate Walsh to Star in Honest Thief. DEADLINE
Career bank robber Tom Carter (Neeson) meets the love his life in Annie (Walsh), who works at the front desk of a storage facility where he hid $7 million in stolen loot. They fall head over heels, and he resolves to wipe the slate clean by turning himself in. When the case is turned over to a crooked FBI agent, everything becomes far more dangerous and difficult.

BBC renews Strike for another series. KILLINGTIMES
There was much frothing of the mouth when it was announced that the BBC was to adapt Robert ‘JK Rowling’ Galbraith’s best-selling Cormoran Strike novels for TV and through eight episodes and the first three of Rowling’s Strike novels, we were introduced to a comfortingly familiar lone detective (played by Tom Burke) and his assistant Robin (Holliday Grainger). They got better as the episodes ticked by, and the hope was that the BBC would produce more of them. Rowling’s latest Strike novel – Lethal White – is on its way, as is a four-part adaptation.

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