Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Friends of Mystery announced the Spotted Owl Winner. The Spotted Owl is chosen by a volunteer committee of Friends of Mystery members. For a book to be considered for the Spotted Owl Award: The author must have primary residence in the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho or the Province of British Columbia.

Spotted Owl Winner
Mike Lawson – House Witness (Atlantic Monthly Press)

Also Nominated
Baron Birtcher – Fistful of Rain
Robert Dugoni – A Steep Price
Warren Easley – Moving Targets
G.M. Ford – Soul Survivor
Elizabeth George – The Punishment She Deserves
Stephen Holgate - Madagascar
Martin Limon – The Line
John Straley – Baby’s First Felony
Jon Talton – The Bomb Shelter

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Kathy McIntosh said...

Congrats to Mike and all the nominees. Now we need a yellow-billed cuckoo award for the Southwest.