Friday, March 20, 2020

ENVIRONMENTAL MYSTERIES: Mystery Readers Journal (36:1)

Mystery Readers Journal: Environmental Mysteries (Volume 36:1, Spring 2020) is available as a PDF and hardcopy. Subscriber and contributor copies will be sent later this week. PDF Contributor Copies went out today. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue. Sadly, so timely. Be safe! Be well!

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  • Can Snakes Be Heroes? by Glynn Marsh Alam
  • We Are the Wild by Sandi Ault
  • Toss in a Bear or a Snake by Pamela Beeson
  • Environmental Mysteries and Public Debate: Can One Enhance the Other? by Dave Butler
  • Wild and Commanding Settings: Striking the Right Balance for Readers by Christine Carbo
  • Calypso Saves the Climate by D. Z. Church
  • From Addiction to Fiction—in the African Bush by Jenny Carless
  • Why the Road Is Dark by Philip Cioffari
  • A Background in the Birding World by Ann Cleeves
  • The Man in the Doorway and Other Writing Mysteries by Donna Cousins
  • Mysteries With A Climate Change Message by Charlene D’Avanzo
  • The Old-Fashioned Way by William Deverell
  • Write What You Know: Wilderness Thrillers by Karen Dionne
  • Natural Crimes by Janet Dawson
  • It’s All About the Birds… and Murder by Jan Dunlap
  • The Mystery of the Missing Mountain by Toni Dwiggins
  • Natural Inspiration by Gerald Elias
  • The Common Threat by Kate Fellowes
  • The Heart of the Matter by Christine Goff
  • Murder and Mayhem For Our National Parks by Scott Graham
  • Fruit of the Devil by Vinnie Hansen
  • Boots in Dirt: Protecting Wildlife and Natural Resources by Joseph Heywood
  • Wildfire and Murder in the Woods by Dave Hugelschaffer
  • Shark Allure by Sara Johnson
  • A Captivating Story by Diane Kelly
  • The Mystery as Environmental Soapbox by William Kent Krueger
  • Does the Message Overshadow the Murder? by Stephen Legault
  • Saving the Planet, One Novel at a Time by Robert Lopresti
  • Wolf Man by Michael Allan Mallory
  • Burying the Evidence by Larry Maness
  • Novels from the Garden of Good and Evil by Keith McCafferty
  • The Bright Side of Environmental Devastation by Jon McGoran
  • A Caution on Environmental Research by Skye Moody
  • I Never Intended to Write Environmental Mysteries, But… by Michael Norman
  • “Stork Trek”—The Story Behind the Story by Josh Pachter
  • A Thrilling Environment by Katherine Prairie
  • Murder in a Damaged Environment by Kwei Quartey
  • Resolving to Write Novel by Ben Rehder
  • Off Road by Kirk Russell
  • Is Any Refuge Certain? by Carolyn J. Rose
  • On the Trail of a New Environment by Mark Stevens
  • Finding My Voice in Wildlife by Jessica Speart
  • Writing from the African Bush: What a Pleasure! by Stanley Trollip
  • Writing About the Environment in the West by Judith Van Gieson
  • When Cozies Can’t Be All That Cozy by Betty Webb
  • The House of the Monk’s Spring by Robert Wilson
  • Partners in Crime: My Link to the EPA by Kenneth Wishnia
  • Interesting Times for Mystery Writers by John Yunker
  • Nature and Mystery by Gregory Zeigler
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by L.J. Roberts
  • Real Environmental and Wildlife Crimes by Cathy Pickens
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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