Saturday, April 25, 2020


2019 Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Awards

First Place: “The Duellist” by David Dean
Second Place: “Fadeout on Bunker Hill" by Paul D. Marks
Third Place: “The Duchy by Doug Allyn tied with "Whiteout" by G. M. Malliet
Fourth Place: “Snow Boy" by David Dean
Fifth Place: “The Girls in the Fourth Row" by Doug Allyn
Sixth Place: " Heat" by Trey Dowell tied with "Better Days by Art Taylor
Seventh Place:"Wishing Tree" by Michael Bracken tied with "Sac-a-lait Man" by O'Neil De Noux
Eighth Place: “The Cripplegate Apprehension" by Richard Helms
Ninth Place: “The Retirement Plan" by Stacy Woodson
Tenth Place: “Fiction Addiction" by Christine Poulson

 Hat Tip: The Rap Sheet

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