Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Grantchester: Series 5 on Masterpiece Mystery!

Grantchester Series 5 starts June 14 on PBS Masterpiece Mystery!

Where we left off (from PBS website with spoilers!)
Last season:
Grantchester bid fond farewell to Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and his Sidney Bechet albums when he packed up and left for America, and welcomed newest vicar Will Davenport (Tom Brittney)—and his motorbike and cappuccino machine. Mrs. C and Leonard finally made up after their heartbreaking falling out, when Mrs. C discovered the truth of Leonard’s sexuality. Cathy, with the help of Mrs. C, dispatched of her predatory boss, Mr. Hobbs, and found peace at her job—as well as peace with Geordie. After tragedy struck Will’s family at the end of the season, Will had to face the dilemma of being the man his family expected, or following his own calling. 

Coming up: 
It’s 1957, and Will has finally settled into his role as the vicar of Grantchester, preaching to a packed and adoring congregation. His best friend, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, has come to accept his wife Cathy’s commitment to her job – well, just about. Mrs C. happily (and deftly) juggles her roles as the vicarage housekeeper and as a well-to-do married woman. And after a trip to Marrakech, even Leonard has managed to carve out some happiness with Daniel, in secret. 

“The main theme that goes through the season is this idea of ‘Eden’,” said Grantchester star Tom Brittney. “Harold Macmillan [British Prime Minister, 1957-1963] was saying at that time in the fifties that Britain had never had it so good. But in actual truth, underneath, there is always this dark side bubbling, and no more than in the village of Grantchester.” 

From a student’s misadventure at one of the local colleges, a hit-and-run that leads them to a secret garden, a murder in a cinema, a death at a controversial drug trial and more, crime never truly stops in Grantchester. As the season goes on, Will’s faith and Geordie’s patience will be thoroughly tested as they are reminded once more that there’s always darkness lurking in their little corner of  Cambridgeshire.'


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