Tuesday, June 23, 2020

ITALIAN MYSTERIES: Mystery Readers Journal (Volume 36:2)

Mystery Readers Journal: Italian Mysteries (Volume 36: 2, Summer 2020) is available as a PDF and hardcopy. Subscriber copies should arrive this week. PDF Contributor Copies will go out tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue. 

Be safe! Be well!

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  • Italy—The Mystery Setting by Robert J. Stern
  • Donna Leon by Jack Erickson
  • “It’s the System, Not the People”: Conor Fitzgerald’s Alec Blume Series by David Clark
  • Food—A Critical Element in the Inspector Montalbano Mysteries by Joan Leotta
  • Italy’s (In)Famous Son by Lisa Black
  • An Introduction to Gang Life: Tuscany, c.1940 by Jay A. Gertzman
  • Place, Food, Language and Sleaze: Setting in Italian Mysteries by Elizabeth Immirzi
  • Music and Murder, Italian-style by Paul Adam
  • “You See But You Do Not Observe” by Rona Bell
  • Community Policing in Italy by Grace Brophy
  • Of Operas and Artichokes by Shelley Costa / Stephanie Cole
  • The Little Drummer by Sandrone Dazieri
  • Italy: Land of Beauty, Mystery, and Inspiration by Rich DiSilvio
  • Working in Italy by David Hewson
  • An Italian Parking Ticket by Russell Hill
  • The Lightning Bolt by Jack Erickson
  • In the Beginning (and Ending)… Italy by Joseph LeValley
  • The Italian Art Job by Larry Mild
  • Bella Italia by Arthur Kerns
  • Sicilian Murder by Alec Peche
  • One Writer’s Origins (with Apologies to Ms. Welty) by Vito Racanelli
  • Boat Memories by Sebastian Rotella
  • The Diavolo in the Details by David P. Wagner
  • Turn to Stone: Quarantined in Florence with Ellie Stone by James W. Ziskin
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Lesa Holstine, Lexa M. Mack, D.R. Ransdell, L.J. Roberts, Lucinda Surber, Nicola Trwst
  • In Short: Italian Short Stories by Marvin Lachman
  • The Children’s Hour: Mysteries Set in Italy by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • Just the Facts: A New Patron Saint for Cops? by Jim Doherty
  • Real Italy Mysteries by Cathy Pickens
  • Crime Seen: Guido and Salvo, the Two Commissari by Kate Derie
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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