Sunday, September 6, 2020


What sad news. Mystery author Gary Alexander passed away on August 17 after a short battle with cancer. I knew Gary for many years, through Bouchercon and then via email. He often contributed to Mystery Readers Journal and wrote for Mystery Fanfare, as well. Gary frequently sent me his latest novel to read and review. Gary wrote 24 novels, 200+ short stories, and sold travel articles to 6 major dailies. His most recent novel, set in December 1941, is Harry Saves the World Again.

His family wrote this touching obituary on his Facebook page:

Gary Alexander, the best Daddy in the world, left us early in the morning on 8/17 after a mercifully short battle with cancer. In his last weeks he liked to say that he beat those actuarial tables* for long enough. He was happy, spirited, and spouting fun random facts right up until the end. He talked often, in his final days, that he would not succumb to self pity because he had had a good long life with a loving family; more than most people get. He was such a proud, protective, loving, funny, wonderful father, grandfather, and husband and we will miss him so, so much. As son-in-law #3 said, “He was such a beautiful person, and sometimes when things are really beautiful you also have to accept the really bad stuff too.” 

Thankfully, Gary is done with the really bad stuff and is now off wherever he wanted to go, probably eating dark chocolate, drinking strong black coffee, and hunting and pecking stories out on some ancient typewriter. (clack clack clack clack clack) 

We want to thank you all for being a part of Gary’s life, even if it was just here on Facebook. He enjoyed and appreciated everyone so much, and in our opinion, liked to stir the pot of interaction quite a bit! 

Read his Funeral Home obit here.