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VIRTUAL BOUCHERCON: October 16-17, 2020

Register Now! October 4 is last day to register. 

Registration fee for Virtual Bouchercon 2020 is $55 (non-refundable). After you register for the convention, you will receive an email asking you to sign up with the agency handling the virtual platform—Expo Pass. This is so they can link you to the virtual environment when the convention gets underway. Everyone who registers for Virtual Bouchercon 2020 is a Bouchercon member and qualified to vote as part of the General Members Meeting. And, of course, you have to be registered to vote for the Anthony Awards. After the convention, when the Anthony Award winners have been named and included in the book, you’ll be mailed a Collector’s Edition Program Book as well as a Bouchercon 2020 tote bag and badge holder.

From the Bouchercon Newsletter:

So . . . What Is a Virtual Convention, Anyway? 

Planners of the new virtual convention are keeping as much of the standard format as we can—minus traveling, hotel costs, lost luggage, waiting in line, and worry about loved ones pining for you back home. 

In the virtual format, some events are filmed but most are live—that is, happening on the screen as you watch. While details are still being formulated, what is known for sure is that there will be opening ceremony, panels, and a general members meeting. The closing ceremonies will include the revelation of the Anthony Award winners. 

Panels are in the final planning stage. These will be live discussions looking much as you might see in interviews on news programs with a moderator asking questions of the panelists. You can ask questions via typing in chat. 

The current plan—still in development—is to run three concurrent panels, featuring four sets on Friday and five on Saturday. You will choose which panels you want to see in each time period just as you would in person. And if you want to “slip out the back” into the panel next door, you can do so. 

Interviews have already been filmed with our extraordinary Guests of Honor Walter Mosley, Anne Perry, Anthony Horowitz, Cara Black, Scott Turow, Catriona McPherson and Janet Rudolph in sessions lasting almost an hour each. There will be shorter interviews with the Anthony Award nominees.

Anthony Awards 

Awards voting will take place during Virtual Bouchercon, and the awards will be presented as part of the closing ceremony October 17. The Bouchercon 2020 website lists all nominees.


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