Friday, September 11, 2020


Mystery Readers Journal: Senior Sleuths (Volume 36: 3, Fall 2020) is available as a PDF and hardcopy. Subscriber copies should arrive this week. PDF Contributor Copies went out. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue.

SENIOR SLEUTHS (Volume 36:3)
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  • I Want to Be Mrs. Pollifax When I Grow Up by Patricia Cook
  • Marlowe’s Last Bow by Jonathan Woods
  • Supreme Senior Sleuths by Robert J. Stern
  • Difficult Endings by John Harvey
  • Yooper Sleuthing in the Golden Years by Deb Baker
  • Senior Sleuths Can Be Geezers or Geezerettes by Mike Befeler
  • The Silvering Sleuth by Baron R. Birtcher
  • Cat Caliban and M.J. Smith by D. B. Borton
  • My Senior Sleuth by Garry Disher
  • Observations Lead to Older Detective Duo by Carl Brookins
  • Sixty is the New Forty by Robert Dugoni
  • Write the Age You Know by Kaitlyn Dunnett
  • How Quickly Does Your Detective Age? by Martin Edwards
  • Subjected to History’s Judgment by Daniel Friedman
  • A Conversion with Bronson by L.C. Hayden
  • Detectives of a Certain Age by Richard Helms
  • A Different Kind of Sleuth by Russell Hill
  • Confronting Golden Ageism by Helen Jacey
  • From the Golden Girls to Jessica Fletcher: The Road to Poppy Harmon by Lee Hollis
  • Where Age Is an Edge by Ron Katz
  • Senior Sleuths and Older Writers: A Conversation by Ellen Kirschman and Terry Shames
  • Rancho de Taos by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • White-Haired Love by Chris Knopf
  • Who You Calling Senior? by Vicki Lane
  • Why I Wrote the Gladdy Books by Rita Lakin
  • “See You Later” But Not “Goodbye” by Gayle Leeson
  • The World’s Oldest Working Cop by Peter Lovesey
  • My Senior Sleuths Are Still on the Case by Ed Lynskey
  • Sleuths of a Certain Age by Annette Mahon
  • Old Age Can Be Deadly, Unless You Are the Fog Ladies by Susan McCormick
  • A Senior Author Tries Sleuthing by Rosemary Mild
  • Molly and the Inspector by Larry Mild
  • Sneaking Into the Life of My Protagonist by Radine Trees Nehring
  • Better than a Homicide Detective by Richard Osman
  • Considering Writing a Senior-Themed Cozy Mystery? I Did. Here’s What I Learned by Carol Novis
  • Senior Sleuths: Not Dead Yet! by Ang Pompano
  • A Much Younger Sleuth by Cynthia Riggs
  • Murder and Mayhem in a Modern Noir Style by M. Glenda Rosen (aka Marcia Rosen)
  • Old Folks Are Just Neat by Nancy Swing
  • Why My Protagonist Is a “Woman of a Certain Age” by Ilene Schneider
  • Edward Gorey, Detective by C J Verburg
  • Mysteries After Sixty by Livia Washburn
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Sandie Herron, Lesa Holstine, L.J. Roberts, Lucinda Surber
  • In Short: You’re Never Too Old by Marvin Lachman
  • Just the Facts: A Cop for Three Quarters of a Century! by Jim Doherty
  • Real Italy Mysteries by Cathy Pickens
  • Crime Seen: Miss Marple and Beyond by Kate Derie
  • POV: The First Hundred Years Are the Hardest by Rita Lakin
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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