Friday, December 18, 2020

Cartoon of the Day: Rearranging my Bookshelves


Susan Ekins said...

At last count I had 21 shelves of books. That's not crazy for an avid book reader, but we are downsizing in a couple of years, so I need to cut back. This cartoon put a smile on my face as I think about this project.

Deb Mac said...

We are in our 7th house in 30 years of marriage and we are always the top 1 or 2 when the movers start hauling books out. Yes, they ALWAYS mention that. We started out with 8 boxes of books and now we have close to 60. Happy to say, all are read and a good portion of them have been read multiple times. Somehow I just can't imagine a home with only 1 bookcase...that is what we have per bedroom.