Friday, January 28, 2022

CHINESE NEW YEAR MYSTERIES //Chinese New Year Crime Fiction

恭賀發財 Gung Hay Fat Choy! This is the Year of the Tiger.
To celebrate the Chinese New Year, I've put together a list of mysteries that take place during Chinese New Year. As always, I welcome any additions.


The Corpses Hanging Over Paris by Cathy Ace

The Chinese Parrot by Erle Derr Biggers
Year of the Dog; Red Jade by Henry Chang 
Year of the Dragon by Robert Daley 
Neon Dragon by John Dobbyn
Dim Sum Dead by Jerrilyn Farmer 
The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen
Chop Suey by Ty Hutchison 
The Chinese New Year Mystery (Nancy Drew) by Carolyn Keene
The Skull Cage Key by Michael Marriott
The Shanghai Moon by S.J. Rozan
City of Dragons by Kelli Stanley
The Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee by Robert Van Gulik (7th Century China) "New Year's Eve in Lan-Fang"

 Children and Young Adult:

The Nancy Drew Notebooks: The Chinese New Year Mystery by Carolyn Keene
The New Year Dragon Dilemma by Ron Roy  

Short stories:

 "The Lady Fish Mystery" by Mary Reed and Eric Mayer, EQMM, September/October 1996.
"Murder Keeps No Calendar" by Cathy Ace.


Icewineanne said...

How timely. I just purchased Murder Keeps No Calendar by Cathy Ace!
Cheers & Happy Chinese New Year Janet

HonoluLou said...

A great list! I thought I'd mention in the second Charlie Chan novel, The Chinese Parrot (1926), in Chapter III, "At Chan Kee Lim's", Charlie Chan sets out to explore San Francisco and visit his cousin Chan Kee Lim on Chinese New Year's Eve.

There are several references to the celebration "Ah yes--the twelfth of February. New Year's Eve," and Chan is offered "a plate piled high with New Year's delicacies" at his cousin's apartment.

He has the famous Phillimore Pearls hidden in a waist belt for safeguard, and the next morning (on the New Year) will set out to deliver them to the famous financier, P.J. Madden on his desert ranch.

Heather Haven said...

Fabulous list! I am using it to expand my knowledge and fun in reading!

JJH said...

Glad you found a van Gulik story with a New Year theme. His Morning of the Monkey, published together with The Night of the Tiger, has a useful preface outlining the Chinese Zodiac. And really the whole of the Judge Dee canon is relevant.

Micheal Jackson said...

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