Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Why I Dedicated GOOD RICH PEOPLE to my Dog: Guest post by Eliza Jane Brazier

Eliza Jane Brazier: Why I Dedicated GOOD RICH PEOPLE to my Dog

Eliza Jane Brazier is an author, screenwriter, and journalist. She currently lives in California, where she is developing her books for television. Her newest novel GOOD RICH PEOPLE (on sale January 25, 2022) is a cat-and-mouse thriller where a woman deceives her way into the guesthouse of a Hollywood Hills mansion and inadvertently becomes a target in the twisted game of the wealthy family upstairs.

I dedicated my book Good Rich People to my dog BB. I was obsessed with dogs from a young age and while we had a few dogs growing up (my mother had a tendency to not keep them very long), I had never had my own dog before. I got BB right before the lockdown. I was living alone in Hollywood and I was worried about being isolated. I also thought it was the perfect time to get a puppy as I would have time to train her. 

BB was adorable but also not what I expected. I expected her to be a dog right away, but puppies are different! We couldn’t go outside because she wasn’t vaccinated, and she had a crazy amount of energy. It was pretty chaotic at first, but soon she became my best friend. We went on road trips together up and down the California coast, to Texas and even all the way to Florida. 

BB is the most social, friendly dog. She loves people and other dogs. We spend every day together. Every morning we go for a walk. When I am working, she has learned to lay at my feet. I take her to the dog park every afternoon. 

I also purchased a horse in last year, and she now lives in my backyard. Having pets has been one of the biggest joys of my life. They give me a routine. I honestly love taking care of them. And they are so sweet and funny and loving. I think everyone should get a pet! 

I am hoping to get another puppy in a few months and I can’t wait. Maybe one day I will have a pack of dogs and a herd of horses. I think pets are the one purchase you never regret. They change your life and make you a better person. All you have to do is love them.

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