Saturday, April 2, 2022


Sad News. Cozy mystery author Mary Daheim passed away this past Thursday. She was born in Seattle, Washington and attended the University of Washington where she was one of the first female editors of The Daily, the campus newspaper. After receiving her BA in communications, Daheim worked as a journalist in Anacortes and Port Angeles, Washington.

Her first novel, the historical romance Love's Pirate, was published in 1983. Daheim continued writing historical romances for several years until she tired of writing "bodice-rippers". She switched genres to her personal favorite, mysteries.

The "Bed & Breakfast" series featuring amateur detective Judith McMonigle (later Flynn) was published beginning in 1991.

The first book in her "Alpine" series The Alpine Advocate was published in 1992. Emma Lord is the protagonist who tackles mysteries in the small town of Alpine, Washington. The real Alpine no longer exists; however, in her series Daheim resurrects the town. Interest in the old town led to it being rediscovered in 2008 by a group calling themselves "The Alpine Advocates".

Mary Daheim was nominated for an Agatha Award for her first mystery novel Just Desserts in 1991. In 2008, she was inducted into the University of Washington Department of Communications Alumni Hall of Fame.

Mary Daheim wrote 32 novels in The Bed & Breakfast series and 28 in The Alpine Series. She wrote numerous other novels.

She will be missed.


Candy Albright Kennedy.. said...

I always looked forward to her books and enjoyed both series. She was funny and as a reader I felt the characters were real and I could go stay at theB&B. Her relationship with her mother was gret.She will be missed.

Priscilla said...

What sad news! 😢

HonoluLou said...

So sad to hear this. Mary's Alpine series were a favorite choice for me. Thank you for letting us know, Janet.

Unknown said...

so sad. Excellent books. Always a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

So sad. I haven’t gone out much during the pandemic but last week, we went to Barnes & Noble. As always, the first books I looked for were Mary Daheim’s. I especially loved the Bed & Breakfast ones. But I also loved the Alpine mysteries. I think she will be missed far more than she would ever have realized. The characters felt like acquaintances. I especially liked the mother & cousin Renie. I guess that, when I’ve gone through the ones I haven’t yet read, I’ll have to go back & start again.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to read of Daheim’s passing. I think I’ve read all of her books, which were like candy for the mind. I zipped through them and only found out she had passed when I checked fora new book. I will miss Judith and Renie, Emma and Milo.

Susan Lundquist

Anonymous said...

I have read all of Mary Daheim's books both the bed and breakfast and the Alpine series. I re-read all of them during Covid as a way of escaping the panic going on around me and they kept me sane. I will miss her. RIP Mary. Love from Carole from 'Down-under!'