Saturday, April 30, 2022


Thanks to The Rap Sheet for the info on Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine 2021 Readers Award winners. The awards go to works that were published in the magazine the previous year.

First-place went to Karen Harrington for “Boo Radley College Prep,” that appeared in the January/February 2021 issue of EQMM

Here are the other award recipients in order.

2. “Demon in the Depths,” by Bill McCormick (September/October)
3. Tie — “Bad Chemistry,” by John Wimer (July/August)
3. Tie — “Black Swallowtail,” by Hollis Seamon (March/April)
4. Tie — “Kiss of Life,” by Doug Allyn (May/June)
4. Tie — “A Season of Night,” by David Dean (May/June)
4. Tie — “Julius Katz and the Two Cousins,” by Dave Zeltserman (July/August)
5. “No Legacy So Rich,” by Anna Scotti (January/February)
6. Tie — “Leap of Faith,” by Marilyn Todd (May/June)
6. Tie — “The Last Man in Lafarge,” by Joseph Walker (July/August)
7. “The Fraud of Dionysus,” by Smita Harish Jain (July/August)
8. “The Lemonade Stand,” by Scott Loring Sanders (January/February)
9. “Curious Incidents,” by Steve Hockensmith (January/February)
10. “The White Star,” by G.M. Malliet (July/August)

Readers Award (aka Readers Choice Award) winner are chosen by the EQMM readership.

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