Sunday, February 26, 2023


I really enjoy the French TV series Candice Renoir. It features Candice Renoir (Cecile Bois), a French policewoman and single mother of four. I find Candice charming, but don't get me wrong, there's a lot of policing and action, too. There's also terrific scenery and a full group of auxiliary characters. It was a long wait for season 5, especially after the shocking final episode in Season 4 (all 4 seasons are still available on AcornTV). I've been lamenting that we've only had 4 of the 10 seasons available (although you can find them all in French if you search), so I'm excited for Season 5 that will be available on AcornTV tomorrow (February 2). There will be 10 episodes.  Can't wait.

Candice Renoir Trailer


Another French police show I've recently started watching is Cherif. It's a French police tv series set in Lyon. It 's been broadcast since October 25, 2013 on France 2. In 2019, the series was canceled as the main actor (Abdelhafid - Kader) quit. Cherif features the adventures (and mis-adventures) of the always smiling Kadir Cherif, Captain of Lyons' Criminal Brigade. He has an eccentric way of solving cases. I love his partner, Adeline Briard, too. All 6 seasons are available on MHz Choice.  

Here's the trailer:

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