Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Sister Boniface, a spin-off of the Father Brown series, is set for Season 2 to premiere on April 4th on Britbox in the U.S. There will be 10 episodes in Season 2.

Sister Boniface is played by Lorna Watson. This light-hearted series is set in the 1960s and stars Sister Boniface, a genius with a PhD in forensic science. She is an official Police Scientific Advisor working with DI Sam Gillespie and DS Felix Livingstone, advising them on all things forensic. Sister Boniface rides a moped, makes wine, and is a part time forensic scientist with the police. All this while living the 'contemplative' life, sort of. She does, though, really champion the victims and wants to see justice served. 

The official synopsis for Season 2: 

Sister Boniface is back in the habit, returning as the Great Slaughter Constabulary’s crime-solving secret weapon. Countryside criminals should start saying their Hail Marys, as Boniface’s faith in forensics is only rivaled by her passion for investigation.

“This series, the sister will force a murderer into checkmate at a chess tournament, take a spin through a pirate radio station, and defend her reputation as the conviction of her greatest adversary, The Pear Tree Poisoner, comes into question.”

FYI: Still no news on Season 11 of Father Brown. It does not look like we'll see any new episodes in 2023. I'll keep you posted.

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So happy enjoyingher well done shows, we keep watchin series one over.