Monday, March 27, 2023

THE NIGHT AGENT: Netflix TV series

I'm really liking The Night Agent, the 10-part series on Netflix. I enjoy a good action-packed conspiracy thriller, and this one fits the bill for me. The Night Agent is based on Matthew Quirk's thriller by the same name. Will there be a Season 2? Too early to tell, but things are leaning that way. FYI: The story does wrap up at the end of 'Season 1," but there's room for more. In the meantime, read the book and watch the TV series. 

Here's what Matthew Quirk says about The Night Agent on Netflix:

I wanted to let everyone know that I have a TV show coming out on Netflix today! It's called The Night Agent and is an adaptation of my book by the same name. The writers, cast, and crew did a fantastic job on it, and it will be full of surprises even if you've read the novel. The showrunner--Shawn Ryan, who did The Shield and SWAT and a bunch of other great shows--combined the plot of the book with a story he'd been working on about the Secret Service and high political intrigue. Pretty fascinating for me to see how it all came together. It's such a thrill to see scenes I imagined seven years ago come to life, and it was even wilder to go to the set and see all of that in person and to hang out with Peter and Rose!
The series is available on Netflix worldwide. 

Here's the Trailer:

And, here's some upcoming info from Matthew Quirk's about his next thriller:

I'm still working away on the books, too. The next one is called Inside Threat. It comes out on June 13 and has already received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. An attack on the White House sends the president and his top aides to take shelter in a top secret government facility buried deep underground—but they soon discover the threat is locked inside with them. 

It's a fast-paced Die Hard-style story with a bit of a locked-room mystery element and has some characters I really love. The book also offers a look inside a very cool real-life government facility called Raven Rock, which is the secret "undisclosed location" America's leader go to for protection. It's available for pre-order.


Betty T said...

Thanks for recommending this. I was turned off by the name, which made me think of “The Night Manager,” an awful show. “Night Agent” is great – I’m on Episode 4, and not ready to stop. Thanks again

MI6 said...

Glad you liked it - also try a totally different non-fiction thriller but to really relish it you have to do some research. Try reading the factual spy thriller Beyond Enkription but AFTER seeing Bill Fairclough's bio and reading two brief news articles published on TheBurlingtonFiles website. One is about characters' identities (September 2021) and the other about Pemberton's People (October 2022). It's a whole new world!