Thursday, July 27, 2023

The Chelsea Detective, Season 2

AcornTV has announced that Season 2 of the Chelsea Detective will premiere Monday, August 28th, with new episodes airing weekly. I really enjoyed Season 1 (still available on Acorn). Great setting, plot lines, and acting.

Adrian Scarborough stars as DI Max Arnold, a recently-separated police officer who lives on an old houseboat while holding out hope that he’ll get back together with his wife. He's clever, determined, and perhaps most importantly, he doesn't care about wealth or status when it comes to getting justice. Raised by a local bookshop owner, he's a life-long Chelsea resident – but not part of the elite class of people who make up most of the neighbourhood.

Read more about the neighborhood, the plot, and the cast at 


KimHaysBern said...

Don't think we get Acorn in Switzerland, but this sounds excellent. I'll see how I can manage to watch it. Thanks for the tip. Of course, I'll have to go back to Season 1.

Janet Rudolph said...

Kim, can you get the British streaming?