Monday, November 13, 2023

MR. MONK'S LAST CASE: a new Monk movie coming to Peacock

Tony Shalhoub
is back as Adrian Monk in Mr. Monk's Last Case on Peacock: December 8. 

This is the first new Monk case since the series concluded in 2009 (after 125 episodes!). Monk suffers from OCD and has a large range of phobias. 

The new movie is written by Andy Breckman, creator of the original series. And FYI, the pandemic plays an important role in the film. 

Other characters from the series that will return: Traylor Howard as Natalie, Monk's assistant, and Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford, Melora Hardin, and Hector Elizondo -- all from the original cast.

I can't wait!

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