Tuesday, November 28, 2023



SHETLAND, SEASON 8, NEWS! The season starts in the U.S.
 tomorrow night, Wednesday, November 29 on Britbox. Yay! 

Shetland, Season 8, stars Ashley Jensen as the lead following the departure of Douglas Henshall. 

There will be six episodes, starting on November 29, and drops an episode once-a-week for a total of six weeks. Six Episodes is not enough for me, but I'll take it. Can't wait!!

From WhatToWatch

Ashley Jensen taking over as the island's top cop following the departure of Douglas Hensall as DI Jimmy Perez.

Shetland will have a new feel as Ashely's DI Ruth Calder will be teaming up with long-standing series regular DS Alison "Tosh" McIntosh (Alison O’Donnell). 

The plot will see Calder heading back to her native Shetland to protect a vulnerable witness to a gangland murder. But can Calder and Tosh find the witness in time? And how will the pair work together, especially given Calder's hostility towards Shetland?

Talking about joining the team, Ashley said when she was cast: "I am absolutely thrilled to be joining Shetland as DI Ruth Calder. It's such a hugely successful show and I am aware I have very big boots to fill since the departure of DI Perez, who was very much loved by fans of the show.

"There will be a different dynamic with Ruth amongst the regular characters and a few more new interesting characters to enjoy. However, the integrity of the show and the world that has been created will remain very much in the same tone as the last seven seasons. It's a real privilege to be asked to lead this show into a new chapter. I can’t wait to be working in Scotland again. I have missed it!”

Also joining the cast are Phyllis Logan (GuiltDowntown Abbey), Jamie Sives (GuiltAnnika), Dawn Steele (Holby CityGranite Harbour), Don Gilet (EastEndersSherwood), Ann Louise Ross (River CityKatie Morag) and Lorraine McIntosh (OutlanderMy Name is Joe). The guest cast will star alongside series regulars including Steven Robertson (playing DC Sandy Wilson), Lewis Howden (Sgt Billy McCabe), Anne Kidd (Cora McLean), Angus Miller (Donnie), Conor McCarry (PC Alex Grant) and Eubha Akilade (PC Lorna Burns).


Leslie T. said...

I've been looking forward to this. Counting the days.

Anonymous said...

Great cast!

Anonymous said...

Love the show and actors. Will surly miss Douglas but looking forward to the new DI.

Biggest Fan said...

Looking forward to seeing Ashley Jensen starring in this series ; love all of her work❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

Anonymous said...

Just hope it gets better with new arrival; she brought little to the show.
Mediocre episode, everyone seemed off their game.

Anonymous said...

What the hell was that? 15 minutes and we turned it off. Horrible!

Anonymous said...

Well, the locals I spoke to up there like her very much. Let's give this a chance. I too miss Doug.

Anonymous said...

It’s 12/12 and episode 3 is not out- why

Anonymous said...

Today is 12/12 and I only have 2 episodes of season 8 available on my BritBox, both of which were released in November. Any news on when the episode 3 will drop?

Janet Rudolph said...

New episodes of Shetland drop on Wednesday, so you should have a new episode today. :-)

Anonymous said...

Who makes DI Calder’s scarf and boots in Season 8?

Anonymous said...

I am from the US and I am addicted to this show!

Anonymous said...

Noticing boots and scarves, but not the lackluster performance of the new DI?
The actors from the previous seasons seemed to have lost their rhythm and appeal.
The landscape of Shetland drew my attention to the series, but the show is sadly very disappointing.
Perhaps the role of Jimmy Perez could have been played by a different actor, keeping the storyline intact.