Tuesday, November 7, 2023

PAYBACK: Britbox TV series

Payback (2023) is a new British TV series on Britbox. I am enjoying it (final episode to drop here in the U.S. this Thursday). Yes, I've seen the plot before, but the acting is great, and the slowly developing storyline is well done. It's a Jed Mercurio production, so I shouldn't be surprised. 

It's an Accounting Mystery, not usually the most exciting, but this one is. I'll add it to my Tax/Accounting mystery list in April .

Lexie Noble becomes entangled in a police investigation into a dangerous crime boss. It's set in Edinburgh and stars Morven Christie and Peter Mullan. Written by Debbie O'Malley, directed by Andrew Cummings, and produced by Jed Mercurio’s HTM Television, there are six episodes.

Lexie's life implodes overnight after she discovers the life she has been living has possibly been funded by dirty money,” executive producer Madonna Baptiste says. She calls the six-episode tale a “thriller seen through the eyes of an ordinary woman thrown into an extraordinarily dangerous world.”
Indeed, an impatient crime boss threatens her family, demanding she find the millions her husband apparently embezzled. But the mom of two is reluctant to go to the police, who suspect her of killing her spouse.


Betty T said...

Love this show!

Anonymous said...

I liked it up until the ending. The husband is supposed to be redeemed because he didn’t have an affair? Never mind that he put his family in jeopardy by deciding to launder and then steal! Money from a horrible criminal organization.