Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lizzie Borden House for Sale

Hat Tip to Bill Crider that the house in Fall River, MA, where Lizzie Borden lived out her life after being acquitted of charges that she used an ax to kill her father and stepmother is on the market.

The 14-room Queen Anne Victorian home in Fall River is for sale for $650,000. It is assessed at $313,200, which doesn't take into account its historical significance.

Owner Robert Dube has owned the home known as Maplecroft since 1980 when he paid $60,000. He has put it on the market several times before, most recently three years ago when he asked $725,000.

Borden lived at Maplecroft from 1894 until her death in 1927.

But the biggest disclaimer for possible ghoulish buyers is that it's not the same house where Andrew and Abby Borden were killed in August 1892.

However, if you do want to stay at the house where the ax murders took place, the original house is now the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast.

There are two two bedroom suites, Lizzie & Emma's Bedrooms, and Abby & Andrew's Bedrooms; the John Morse Guest Room, Bridget's Attic Room and two additional spacious attic bedrooms (the Jennings & Knowlton Rooms), each of which offer a double bed in a room with Victorian appointments.

Guests are treated to a breakfast similar to the one the Bordens ate on the morning of the murders, which includes bananas, jonny-cakes, sugar cookies and coffee in the addition to a meal of breakfast staples.

The interior and exterior of the home has been restored, with careful attention to making it as close to the Borden home of August, 1892 as is possible.

The owners of the home invite all to view their collection of both Fall River and Borden memorabilia at 92 Second Street.


Unknown said...

Amazing how the story of Lizzie Borden has carried through the decades. Must have something to do with the kids' rhyme.

The Passing Tramp said...

I think a big part of it is that she was of the genteel class and the crime was so violent. It's the same appeal of the classic English murder in genteel surroundings, I think. It may be unrealistic as Chandler says, but the incongruity is appealing.

However, I personally couldn't sleep a peaceful night in the house where the murders were committed-ugh!

Karen Nolan Bell said...

I've seen a couple of programs about the house being haunted. Scary. They also said that Lizzie did it--but that it was sorta justified because her father beat her and sexually abused her and her sister. I know I wouldn't stay there overnight.