Monday, April 30, 2012

Blue Tardis Police Boxes for Sale

22  Genuine Police boxes up for Auction in Edinburgh

These blue police boxes have been a feature of the city for 80 years but have now been designated “surplus to operational requirements” by Lothian and Borders Police Board and put up for sale.

Before devoted Dr. Who fans start getting their wallets out, there are a few things they should probably know about the "Tardises".

The Edinburgh police boxes have sloped roofs, rather than the flat-topped design that inspired the Doctor's time machine - and buyers would be required to paint them a different colour to the classic Tardis blue.

No price has been given but offers must be submitted in sealed official envelopes and successful buyers are subject to a sales fee of £100 in addition to their final bids.

Each box is a 2 ton cast-iron structure.
1 of the Actual 22 Police Boxes for Sale

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Hat Tip L.J. Roberts

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