Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic Links

I had intended to post a list of Titanic Crime Fiction on Mystery Fanfare to commemorate the 100th Anniversary, but instead I direct to you to J. Kingston Pierce's wonderful round-up, Praise the Titanic, this past Saturday, on Limbo, the Web Site that's Neither Here Nor There.  There are links to Titanic history Books, interviews, novels, preservation and so much more. This is a terrific round-up.

The only thing I'd add is Chocolate! See my post on Dying for Chocolate on the Last Dinner of the Titanic. Chocolate Eclairs were served in first course as one of the selections for the tenth course. Recipe included. Notes on commemoration flatware and tableware, too.

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Linda Panszczyk said...

I'm currently reading a collection of mystery short stories by Jacques Futrelle, a mystery author who was on the Titanic. Some are quite dated but I keep wondering what might've happened had he lived.