Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Noir City Film Festival: San Francisco

San Francisco’s NOIR CITY Festival returns to the Castro Theatre for ten days, January 22–31, 2010. The theme for this eighth incarnation of the world’s most popular noir film series is part and parcel of classic noir: “Lust and Larceny.”

Within that theme, NOIR CITY 8 will include double features showcasing the work of screenwriter Bill Bowers, directors Robert Siodmak and Robert Parrish, actors John Garfield, Richard Widmark, Marilyn Monroe, and skating star Belita.

For those who love to watch films about the City by the Bay, there will be two new entries: Fed Light (1949) and Walk a Crooked Mile (1948) plus Escape in the Fog.

Watch the Video Promo starring Alycia Tumlin and The Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller.

For the Full Schedule, go HERE.

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