Friday, December 17, 2010

11 Strange But True Christmas Crimes

Criminal Justice Degrees Guide Blog always has some interesting posts. Today they posted 10 Strange But True Christmas Crimes. Read the Entire Post HERE.  The holidays are a busy time for all, and criminals are certainly busy! Thefts of presents, to be sure, but lots of other crimes. I've added an 11th Crime to the list at the end.

1. Stolen Baby Jesus Use a GPS to avoid this crime!
2. WAL-MART stampede:  A just must have toy?
3. Stolen Christmas Trees: Buy your own!
4. Drunken Parade Float Driving:  Don't Drink and drive
5. Nativity Scene Vandalism:  What Can I say?
6. Frosty Stabbing: Inflatable Snowman didn't need this. Just doing his job.
7. Christmas Tree Cannabis:  The Perfect Tree?
8. Cannabis Christmas Card:  The USPS frowns on this, as does the prison system
9. Naughty Santa Claus  --our own San Francisco Macy's Santa Claus John Toomey, but he's already found another job
10. The Santa Claus Bandit:  Who wouldn't trust a fat man?

And, I'll add one more Christmas Crime to the List: Alameda, CA, has its own vandals. Last week I went to see the lights of "Christmas Tree Lane", an incredible display of holiday lights in the small island town of Alameda. Each house is decorated for the season in its own unique and over the top way, including one home's display of Santa's sled being pulled by a flock of Pink Flamingos. Sadly last weekend, vandals hit not just one night but two nights, ripping lights and posts from different homes.  Read the story HERE.

Oh the Holidays! Be safe! Be Honest!

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Yvette said...

The older I get, the more I find myself shaking my head in dismay.
I mean, what can you do? Human beings are certainly a varied lot. :)