Thursday, December 30, 2010

Library Wall Bed

Library Wall Bed

Bookcases hide the bed and are mounted on high quality, heavy duty overhead tracks and rollers. The bookcases  roll to the side to reveal the bed. With the Library Bed, the sliding cases also function as bookcases.

These bookcases can handle 125 pounds each. Not sure that would hold enough of my own books, but certainly will hold several plus the iPad. Other features include built-in nightstands, a sloping headboard and lighting.

The main drawback to this set-up is that you need the two side cabinets (so that the bookcases have somewhere to roll when opened) and as a result, you need a fairly large clean wall space. This bed and cabinet do not require floor mounting.

Price: Now here's the rub: $10,000 - $12, 265  (mattress included!)

Hat Tip: Ron Charles


kathy d. said...

Wow: I hear that, think it's a very good idea, see the price(!), and think it's time to go back to the futon of our college days for $69.00.

Priscilla said...

Now there is a reader's dream! Sadly, it still would not hold everything---look at all those spaces that could have been opened up for more books... But at least some designer's heart was in the right place.

Unknown said...

Awesome, I totally would want one of these wall beds! I ought to see about making one of these myself.