Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Derringer Award Nominees

The Short Mystery Fiction Society has announced it’s nominees for the 2011 Derringer Awards. (announced by Brian Lindenmuth at Spinetingler. Not yet on the Short Mystery Fiction Society website)

The Derringer Award was created in 1997 by the Short Mystery Fiction Society to honor excellence in the creative artform of short mystery and crime stories. The name “Derringer,” after the palm-sized handgun, was chosen as a metaphor for a mystery or crime short story — small, but dangerous. The award is in the form of a certificate suitable for framing.

Flash Story (less then 1001 words)
“Blues in the Night,” by Carol Kilgore, *Dark Valentine*, May 2010
“Homeless,” by Patricia Morin, *MYSTERY MONTAGE*, 2010
“Stick a Needle in My Eye,” by Julia Madeleine, *Powder Burn Flash* No. 302, May 5, 2010
“The Book Signing,” by Kathy Kencharik, *THIN ICE: CRIME STORIES BY NEW ENGLAND WRITERS*, 2010
“The Unknown Substance,” by Jane Hammons, *A Twist of Noir*, Dec. 27, 2010

Short Story (1001 – 4000 words)
"Seventy-two Hours or Less" by Michael J. Solender, *A Twist of Noir,* April 23, 2010
"Broken Down on the Bonneville Flats" by Jack Bates, *Beat to a Pulp,* October 17, 2010
"Angel of Mercy" by David Price, *Beat to a Pulp,* Jan. 31, 2010
"Pewter Badge" by Michael J. Solender, *Yellow Mama," August, 2010
"My Asshole Brother" by Eric Beetner, *A Twist of Noir,* May 7, 2010

Long Story (4001 – 8000 words)
“A Tour of the Tower,” by Christine Poulson, *Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine*, March/April 2010
“Care of the Circumcised Penis,” by Sean Doolittle, *THUGLIT PRESENTS: BLOOD, GUTS, AND WHISKEY*, 2010
“Interpretation of Murder,” by B. K. Stevens, *Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine*, December 2010
“Silicon Kings,” by Richard Helms, *The Back Alley Webzine*, April 2010
“The Little Nogai Boy,” by R. T. Lawton, *Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine*, September 2010

Novelette (8001 – 17, 500 words)
“Deserters,” by Chris Muessig, *Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine*, March 2010
“Rearview Mirror,” by Art Taylor, *Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine*, March 2010
“The Gods for Vengeance Cry,” by Richard Helms, *Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine*, November 2010
“The Man With One Eye,” by Stephen Ross, *Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine*, December 2010
“The Scent of Lilacs,” by Doug Allyn, *Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine*, September/October 2010

Hat Tip: Spinetingler & The Rap Sheet

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