Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miss Marple coming to the big screen again

News Flash: 3/29:  According to Deadline.com, Disney will revive the Agatha Christie mystery series, "but with one big difference: instead of the elderly spinster who lives in the English village of St. Mary's Mead and solves mysteries as a hobby, the new configuration is for Mark Frost to script a version where Marple is in her 30s or 40s." Jennifer Garner is slated to portray Miss Marple.

Hollywood thinks it can do it 'again' and better. We'll see, but I doubt it. I've so enjoyed the BBC productions of Miss Marple in recent years, and there have been many former film incarnations of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. Now Disney has closed a deal to the movie rights on the character of Miss Marple. Key: The Character and not the books.

Mark Frost has been tapped to write the screenplay.

Miss Marple first appeared on screen in 1961 in Murder, She Said, portrayed by Margaret Rutherford, who was 70 when she played the character in the first of a series of movies. Angela Landsbury played the character in 1980’s The Mirror Crack’d.

Disney is not making a period movie however but looking do a contemporary version.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "hiring Frost may also signal an intent to make something with an edge. The writer, whose recent credits include penning the Fantastic Four movies, is best known for co-creating the landmark TV series Twin Peaks with David Lynch."

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Anonymous said...

Janet - Thanks for sharing this. I have to admit I'm a purist, so not sure at all what I think about this... Still, good to know.

Yvette said...

Here's what I think: GAK!!

Jeanne C. said...

I'm skeptical. I hate to say it. I think it's gonna stink. :/

Bobbi Mumm said...

Thanks for the news, Janet. I have the DVD collections of the BBC shows. And a few movies. It should be fun to see!

AnnOxford said...

Thanks for the,well ... news. But I'm with Yvette -- GAK! How typically Disney. I know I'm in the smallest minority in the world, but they ruined Winnie the Pooh!

L.M. Quinn... said...

If Disney wants "contemporary", maybe they should cast Lady Gaga as Miss Marple.

Esri Rose said...

Every time Hollywood recycles an old story, a writer starves.

J F Norris said...

Agatha Christie is going to rise from her grave soon and wreck havoc like some crazed zombie hurling typewriters and apples at these misguided producers and foolish screenwriters. I wouldn't mind if she ate a few brains in the process. Maybe that would put an end to all this rehash/recyling tripe.

I will echo Yvette's assessment with this - BLEECH!

Helen said...

I like Jennifer Garner -- that was the only bright spot in this post. I'm beginning to think there is no imagination left in entertainment -- that's why they pathetically try to "remake" hits from the past. Why couldn't they just make a movie with Garner playing a character similar to Miss Marple without "cashing in" on Christie's character.