Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book perfume

Last Spring I posted news of a new Perfume from  Designer Karl Lagerfeld: Paper Passion. What I liked about it was the packaging. It is sold in a hollowed out hardcover book (hopefully damaged or ones made specifically for this).

And, there are other Book-Inspired Fragrances:
Library Paperback by Demeter Fragrance
Library Collection: Opus II by Amouage

I mentioned Christopher Brosius' I Hate Perfume Line. His  In the Library perfume supposedly evokes books smelling of Moroccan leather bindings, cloth, rare novels and many others. This is perfect for every book lover.. Spray your iPad?

As long as they don't contain the killer mold of old books, I'm good with this!

Here's an interview interview with Christopher Brosius in BookRiot.

BR: Your scent profile for In the Library is practically a short story in itself. Could you explain in layman’s terms how you made this perfume?

CB: Much of it was being incredibly familiar with books and how they smell. The smells vary by the country where the books come from: the paper produced there, the leathers used, the glue, the inks. I couldn’t describe exactly how the leathers smell different, but they do. Moroccan and Russian and Spanish, they’re all different.

So what do you find in a library that emits a smell? What are the key elements that would make that olfactory experience really pop? I take a lot of notes. [In the Library] is really about the books themselves, less so the environment, like the shelves or the dust.

Then I sit down with a whole bunch of chemicals and blend them together. It’s a very mundane process. I know these chemicals will combine to create certain smells – for instance, the scents of different kinds of papers.

Read the Rest of the Interview Here.

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