Friday, August 10, 2012

Garage Door Library

I missed this photo and article by Barbara Thornburg of a trompe l'oeil garage door painted as if it were a library when it was published on 9/17/09, but I love that mystery author Robert Crais came upon the house and "library door' the other day. This mural was painted in 2005 by artist Don Gray on Lee Dembart's garage door. Lee Dembart was a fromer editorial writer and book reviewer for the LA Times.

I was going to paint my garage door green, but this is so much more intriguing!

HT: Sal Towse for the link to the original article and photo.


Harvee said...

How disappointed I'd be to try to borrow a book from this library!

Ron Janson said...

Neat ... We have a garage library at my beach community in CT ... and my mystery novels are in it.

Nancy Curteman said...

What a kicky garage door! It took a talented artist to make it look so real.

Libbie Olivas said...

OMG! This is legitimately one of the best things I’ve ever seen! The illusion on the garage door is so realistic too! I’m pretty sure I’d think it was a real library from afar. Whoever did this paint job is quite the artist! Kudos to him or her for all that effort, I’m sure it took an eternity and a half to get it to look this good and realistic!