Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nielsen Booksellers' Choice Award: 7 Dae

Books Live Reports that Crime writer Deon Meyer won this year’s Nielsen Booksellers’ Choice Award for his latest thriller, 7 Dae (7 Days).  7 Dae will be published in English as 7 Days later this year. I'm reading it now, and it's fabulous!

The Booksellers’ Choice Award and a check for 20,000 RSA was presented to Deon Meyer at a gala celebration which was part of the Publishers and Booksellers Associations of South Africa’s Annual Conference. 

This award has run for twelve years. Each year booksellers are asked to choose the books they have most enjoyed reading, promoting and selling, from these submissions. The Booksellers’ Choice Award is chosen and presented by the South African book trade in recognition of outstanding contribution to the industry. The award is only open to South African authors who are published in South Africa and celebrates the excellence and high standard of South African writing.

Hat Tip: BV Lawson

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