Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lincoln Assassination "Wanted Poster" Discovered at Princeton University Library

A wanted poster offering a $100,000 reward for Lincoln's murder was 'rediscovered' at the Princeton University Library. The poster was found as the Curator of Manuscripts and his team were completing descriptive labels for a new exhibition, “A Republic in the Wilderness: Treasures of American History from Jamestown to Appomattox,” opening this Friday, February 22 in the main gallery of the University’s Firestone Library.

“It’s a wonderful item that came to us with the Livingston and Delafield Family Papers in the mid-1980s,” says Mr. Skemer (Curator): “Because of its size, it was housed in a flat file, separate from the rest of the papers when they were being arranged and described; we rediscovered it in December when rehousing collections as part of the ongoing renovation of Firestone Library.”

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