Saturday, February 23, 2013

Murder at the Academy Awards

Enjoy the Academy Awards tomorrow night. Almost forgot to post this updated list! Several mysteries take place during the Academy Awards or the time period surrounding the Oscars!

Murder at the Academy Awards by Joan Rivers and Jerilyn Farmer
Oscar Season by Mary McNamara
Murder at the Academy Awards by Joe Hyams
Best Murder on the Year by Jon P. Bloch
Best Actress by John Kane
Jack Hightower by Will Vinton & Andrew Wiese
Screenscam by Michael Bowen
Tight Shot by Kevin Allman

Am I missing any titles?

Want something CHOCOLATE to enjoy during the Awards? Try some Chocolate Covered Popcorn or Homemade Junior Mints!

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Anonymous said...

The Holden Age of Hollywood (Phil Brody) is a Hollywood novel that reads like a modern day detective novel. It's not hardcore murder/mystery, but there is a great mystery throughout that keeps the reader guessing.

I love your site. Yesterday's cartoon made me laugh.