Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Agatha Christie's Egypt: High Tea and Agatha's Egypt of the 1920s and 30s

This press release just crossed my desk. Sounds like my cup of tea! Check your calendar. If you're in the Bay Area on May 26, you just might want to attend.

Fundraiser for The Northern California Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt
May 26th, 2013, 2 to 5 PM, Imagine Affairs Art Lounge, 408 14th Street, Oakland, CA

Step into the past with THE Lady of Mystery, Agatha Christie. This event will explore the Egypt of the 1920s and 1930s as well as travel back in time to the 12th Dynasty and the Court of Akhenaten as seen through the eyes of Agatha Christie. Christie was active in archaeology with her husband Max Mallowan in Syria and Mesopotamia and friends with such eminent Egyptologists as James Henry Breasted, Howard Carter, Stephen Glanville, and I.E.S. Edwards. After a brief look at her career and Egyptian novels and play, the event will feature one of her lesser tales of curses and murder at an Egyptian dig at Giza. This will be followed by a Cataract Hotel style High Tea (see menu below). 

Cost:  $35.00 per person, $20.00 for students. Includes a donation to the Chapter's lecture series and student outreach programs. This event must be advance sales to ensure adequate refreshments for the tea. This event is subject cancellation if inadequate numbers for the tea; full refund will be made if cancelled. Deadline to reserve for this event is Wednesday, May 22, 2013. Send checks made out to ARCE-NC or pay with Paypal link on website'sdonation page. Indicate the number in your party and an email address to which a confir-mation will be sent. Checks should be mailed to ARCE-NC, 439 Buena Vista Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94061

Tea Menu 
(Each table will have home-churned honey butter and lemon curd

Tea Sandwiches 
Cucumber with cream cheese on whole wheat pain de mie 
Chicken breast with sage butter and romaine lettuce on pain de mie 
Egg salad on whole wheat pain de mie 
Shrimp salad with celery and dill mayonnaise on pain de mie 

Savoy scones with dried currants and finished with vanilla sugar 
Scones with dates and bacon finished with turbinado sugar 

Olive oil cake with crème chantilly and strawberries 
Madeleine cake with fresh berries in syrup 

French Macaron selection: Earl grey ganache, Raspberry, Hazelnut with browned butter 

Fresh berry tartlets with pastry cream 

Fig Newtons 

Pomegranate Turkish Delight with walnuts


Jeffrey Marks said...

Fun! I actually took a cruise up the Nile, which stopped at the same destinations as Death on the Nile. Such great memories!

IYamVixen2 said...

This would be so much FUN! Would that I lived near so I could attend. Wonder if they'd consider doing this in Denver or Boulder