Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Foyle's War Returns

Foyle's War, Series VII On MASTERPIECE Mystery! Sundays, September 15 - 29, 2013
9pm ET on PBS

Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks return in three new episodes of the highly anticipated detective series. Set in post-war 1946-47, Foyle (Kitchen) and his loyal friend Sam (Weeks) find themselves adjusting to a new era of secrets, intelligence, and security as their worlds shift into those of MI5.

Episode 1: "The Eternity Ring"
Sunday, September 15, 2013
9-10:30pm ET on PBS

With one war ended, a new one is looming as the iron curtain falls across Europe. Suspecting that British atomic research has been infiltrated, MI5 asks Foyle to investigate the possibility of a Russian spy network in the heart of London. During his inquiry, Foyle learns that his former driver, Sam, has been working for one of the possible suspects. Could she be involved?

Episode 2: "The Cage"
Sunday, September 22, 2013
9-10:30pm ET on PBS

A severely injured man drags himself to a hospital, only to die shortly after being found by a nurse and doctor. As Foyle makes inquiries, he is led to discover a mysterious military facility full of secrets that could threaten British Intelligence. Meanwhile, Sam's jumbled efforts to help her husband Adam campaign for Parliament draw surprising results.

Episode 3: "Sunflower"
Sunday, September 29, 2013
9-10:30pm ET on PBS

Foyle is tasked with protecting Karl Strasser, a Nazi officer turned MI5 informant who believes he is in danger. America wants Strasser extradited for his involvement in a wartime event, but British Intelligence is determined to protect him. As Foyle nears a solution to the case, the unfathomable truth of "Operation Sunflower" is revealed.


Terrie Farley Moran said...

Thanks for this great information!!!

Patti Phillips said...

Wonderful news!

Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Wow, I can't wait for those. I love that they've ventured into MI5 territory. :-) bobbi c.

Winifred said...

Certainly a great series. These are supposed to be the last episodes Anthony Horowitz is writing. Just hope he changes his mind!