Friday, September 27, 2013

James Benn, Janet Dawson, Martin Limon-October 2 Literary Salon

Join Mystery Readers NorCal for an evening Literary Salon in Berkeley with award winning authors James Benn, Janet Dawson & Martin Limon: Wednesday, October 2, 7 p.m.

Make a comment below for address.

James Benn, best known for the Billy Boyle World War II Mystery Series will be introducing his eighth adventure crime novel, A Blind Goddess

Martin Limón, retired from U.S. military service after 20 years in the Army and author of eight novels in the Sergeants Sueño and Bascom series. He will tell us about his latest, Nightmare Range: The Collected Sueño and Bascom Short Stories.

Janet Dawson's Death Rides the Zephyr is coming down the track. December 1952. The California Zephyr pulls out of Oakland headed for Chicago. Zephyrette Jill McLeod hopes for an uneventful run. But the Silver Lady’s passenger list includes mayhem—and murder.

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vallery said...

This will be a great evening.