Monday, September 9, 2013

Harper Lee Settles Copyright Case

From Shelf Awareness:

Harper Lee has reached an "agreement in principle" to settle the lawsuit she brought in May alleging that Samuel Pinkus, son-in-law of her former literary agent, the late Eugene Winick, "duped" her into signing over To Kill a Mockingbird's copyright in 2007. 

 In addition, Pinkus's wife, Leigh Ann Winick, and Gerald Posner, "whose Miami residence is listed as the address of one of Pinkus's literary companies," were dropped from the lawsuit, USA Today wrote. 

Defense attorney Vincent Carissimi said papers dismissing the case would be filed in federal court this week, but declined to provide any details of the settlement. "The parties reached a mutually satisfactory resolution and everybody would like at this point to put it behind them," he added.

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Joe Barone said...

I have no idea what happened here, but I have watched other old people taken advantage of. Not speaking about this at all, but just in general, there is little that is more detestable than duping the old, poor, or infirm.