Saturday, May 17, 2014

Martin Meyers: R.I.P.

Sad mews. Martin Meyers (Marty) passed away two days ago.  After a long career as an actor, Marty began writing in the 1970s with a series featuring detective Patrick Hardy. Later he collaborated with his wife Annette as Maan Meyers on the Dutchman series, set in 17th, 18th and 19th century New York. Marty also novelized the Cher movie, Suspect, and wrote the YA Federal Case. Marty Meyers also wrote many short stories.

It was always great to spend time with Marty at mystery conventions. I'll miss his wit and charm. Condolences to Annette and his family and friends.

Marty and Annette wrote an article for the Mystery Readers Journal (Vol 17:3: 2001--Partners in Crime) about the Maan Dutchman mystery series. Read it HERE.

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Ann Holt said...

My daughter and I met them in New York City years ago at a book event. They were charming and gracious to a couple of fans, which I have never forgotten. Sad news indeed.