Friday, April 1, 2016

Derringer Short Mystery Awards 2016

The Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS) announced the winners of the 2016 Derringer Awards. Congratulations to all!

Best Flash Story(up to 1000 words):

“Hero,” by Vy Kava, (from Red Dawn: Best New England Crime Stories 2016, edited by Mark Ammons, Katherine Fast, Barbara Ross, and Leslie Wheeler; Level Best)

Best Short Story(1001-4000 words):

“Twilight Ladies,” by Meg Opperman (EQMM, March/April 2015)

Best Long Story(4001-8000 words):

“Dentonville,” by John M. Floyd, (EQMM, November 2015)

Best Novelette (8001-20000 words):

“Driver,” by John M. Floyd (The Strand Magazine, February-May 2015)

For all the nominees, go HERE.

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