Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fahrenheit 451 in works at HBO

From Entertainment Weekly

HBO is giving Fahrenheit 451 the cinematic treatment, EW has confirmed.

The 1953 dystopian novel, largely considered one of author Ray Bradbury’s best works, is currently in development for a film adaption at the network. The HBO team tapped 99 Homes’ Ramin Bahrani as writer and director. He’ll also serve as executive producer alongside Alan Gasmer (Vikings) and Peter Jaysen (You Me Her).

Fahrenheit 451 has previously been transformed for both screen and stage, most notably for the 1966 Brit drama from François Truffaut. Its story takes place in a futuristic American society in which all books have been banned, with “firemen” burning any they may come across. Though controversial, the classic novel has been touted as a cornerstone for high school literature.

No further details on the film have been announced.

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