Thursday, October 6, 2016

Author murdered for rare book worth £50K

Well, this is very disturbing Book News. The Bookseller reported that author Adrian Greenwood was allegedly stabbed to death by a perpetrator who wanted to rob him of rare books including a valuable first edition of The Wind in the Willows worth £50,000.

Unemployed Michael Danaher targeted Greenwood, an antiques dealer, who had also written history books for The History Press, at his home on Iffley Road in Oxford on April 6.

According to The Guardian, Greenwood’s name was on a list of other robbery victims including novelist Jeffrey Archer and model Kate Moss.

Danaher is accused of stabbing the author multiple times in the chest, neck and back.

Later he allegedly listed the copy of The Wind in the Willows for sale on the internet.

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