Monday, October 3, 2016

The Movies Got it Wrong: 7 Types of Violence that's wrong thanks to the Movies

Here's a link to a great article on about:

7 Types of Violence You're Picturing Wrong Thanks to the Movies. Who knew?

We all know that movies aren't realistic, because no one wants to see a film where Vin Diesel spends four months in rehab after a car crash breaks half the bones in his body. But there are basic elements of these movies that you probably took for truth just because you've seen them over and over, for decades. "Somebody would have checked this at some point, right?"
Not really! Because in real life ...

#7 Sneakily Knocking Someone Out With Chloroform Isn't Actually A Thing

#6 Bullets Can Totally Punch Through A Car Door

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vallerose said...

this was great and very informative. we need to realize that on TV or in movies it all about the story and not reality.