Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mystery Readers Journal: Small Town Cops I (Volume 32:3)

Mystery Readers Journal: Small Town Cops I (Volume 32:3) is now available as a PDF and hard copy. Because we had so many terrific essays, articles, and reviews, we had to divide this theme into two issues. So, contributors, if you don't see your article or review in this issue, it will be in Small Town Cops II (Volume 32:4) that will be out in Winter 2016-2017. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this making this issue such a success.

This issue is available with subscription or can be purchased individually --as Hardcopy. Go here and scroll down or as a PDF.

SMALL TOWN COPS I: (Volume 32: 3)
  • I’ll Be Your Warrior of Care by Margot Kinberg
  • Parker’s Jesse Stone: Fragile Power by Mimosa Stephenson
  • A Whole New Territory by Victoria Abbott
  • Life Under the Magnifying Glass by Kelley Armstrong
  • Wild West by Shannon Baker
  • How I Learned to Start Writing and Embrace My Small Town Cop by Patrick Balester
  • Changing the Dynamics of Small Town Cops with One Experienced Detective by Laura Belgrave
  • My Cousin, the Small Town Cop by Linda Berry
  • Uncovering the Truth about Small Town Policemen by Rhys Bowen
  • Community Policing in Italy by Grace Brophy
  • Small and Cozy by J. D. Crayne
  • Small-Town Texas by Bill Crider
  • A Small-Island Cop by Thomas Rendell Curran
  • Kendal’s Cold Case Cop by Martin Edwards
  • “32” Jones and “Scary” Larry by Tom Franklin
  • Knowing Everyone by Name by Anne Hagan
  • Finding the Sweet Spot Between Mayberry and Fargo by S.W. Hubbard
  • The Making of a Small Town Cop by J.A. Jance
  • Small Town Cop Life In Ipswich, Massachusetts by Gavin Keenan
  • A Writer Survives in the North Woods by Henry Kisor
  • How I Found My Small-Town Cops by Jill Kelly
  • It’s Always About the Little Things by Victor Letonoff Jr.
  • A Copper in a Small English Mill Town by Priscilla Masters
  • Snapshots of a Mountain Town by Margaret Mizushima
  • Discovering Joe Silva by Susan Oleksiw
  • Silver Rush Woes by Ann Parker
  • A Different Point of View by Cathy Perkins
  • From Family to Fiction by Terry Shames
  • Crime Moves Into the Bedroom… Town by Neil Plakcy
  • Small Town in a Small Country by Vanda Symon
  • Got Writer’s Block? by Elly Varga
  • The Last Uncorrupted Mexican Cop by Jonathan Woods
  • An Old-Time Bluegrass Sheriff by Sally Wright
  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Vinnie Hansen, Lesa Holstine, L.J. Roberts
  • Top Ten: No Small Cops, Only Small Towns by Jim Doherty
  • The Children’s Hour: Small Town Cops by Gay Toltl Kinman
  • Crime Seen: Small Town USA by Kate Derie
  • Just the Facts: A Tale of Two Cops by Jim Doherty
  • From the Editor by Janet Rudolph

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