Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tana French's The Dublin Murders: BBC

From In Reference to Murder:

BBC One has given the greenlight to an eight-part crime drama The Dublin Murders, based on Tana French’s award-winning series of mysteries. Sarah Phelps, who recently re-imagined several Agatha Christie novels for the BBC, will adapt the first two books about the fictional Dublin Murder Squad, drawn from French’s In The Woods and The Likeness. Blending psychological mystery and darkness, each novel is led by a different detective or detectives from the same Dublin squad.

Maybe we'll find out what happened in the Woods!!!??

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vallerose said...

this has potential. As long as the screenwriter doesn't think she can improve on the books it should be fine. I wasn't completely happy with with witness for the Prosecution. It went off the rails near the end, for no intelligent reason. I did like and then there were none.