Monday, October 23, 2017

Rebecka Martinsson: Series I: AcornTV

REBECKA MARTINSSON, Series 1 (Exclusive U.S. Premiere, Foreign Language) will start on Monday, November 6 on AcornTV.

Rebecka Martinsson is an 8-part drama series based on ├ůsa Larsson's celebrated and popular crime novels. The series takes place in the bleak Northern Environment and revolves around Rebecka Martinsson (Ida Engvoll) a lawyer from Kiruna. Despite her professional success as a top lawyer in Stockholm, Rebecka still hasn’t found herself. When a dear friend from childhood suddenly passes away, Rebecka reluctantly returns to her hometown, but soon it becomes obvious that not everything is as it seems. The death of her friend becomes more and more suspicious, and Rebecka cannot tear herself away until she finds answers. Drawn into the gripping pursuit of a killer on the hunt for the next victim, Rebecka is forced to confront the terrible trauma that caused her to abandon her hometown.

(8 episodes)

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