Saturday, June 4, 2022

Authors & their Cats: Mary Stewart

Happy Caturday! Authors and their Cats: Mary Stewart. Mary Stewart was a marvelous author of romantic suspense, historical fantasy, and so much more. Read about her here.


Marni said...

Neat! Loved her books growing up, read them all~

Marni said...

And thanks for always posting things like the ITW winners.
Have copied out the Masterpiece Mystery listing--looks like a great summer and fall lineup is on its way!

Mary (M. A.) Monnin said...

Thanks for sharing this. Mary Stewart is such a great author. The Moonspinners and The Crystal Cave are two of my favorites, but I like so many of her books. I've been thinking of The Moonspinners a lot lately because most of Death in the Aegean also takes place on Crete.