Thursday, June 16, 2022

NEW ENGLAND MYSTERIES II: Mystery Readers Journal (Volume 38:2) Summer 2022

Mystery Readers Journal: New England Mysteries II
(Volume 38:2// Summer 2022) is now available as PDF and Hardcopy.
We had so many articles, reviews, and author essays that we went to two issues. Mystery Readers Journal: New England Mysteries I (38:1//Spring 2022) is still available. In addition, an earlier issue of New England Mysteries (17:1 - 2001) is available as a PDF. Order all three. 

If you're a PDF subscriber, you will receive download instructions shortly. Hard copy subscription copies should arrive by early next week. International subscribers will receive their issues within two weeks. PDF Contributor copies will go out this weekend. Thanks to everyone who contributed to both of these great issues.

New England Mysteries II

Volume 38, No. 2, Summer 2022

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  • An Unlikely Home to Criminal Debuts by Gabriel Valjan
  • Generation Loss: There’s Nothing Cozy About Elizabeth Hand’s New England by Sean Day
  • Ben Benson—Pioneer of the Police Procedural by Jim Doherty, with Nancy Berry


  • Strangers’ Kingdom—A Vermont Mystery by Brandon Barrows
  • Water, Water Everywhere by Nero Blanc (aka Steve Zettler and Cordelia Biddle)
  • The Mystery of Rumford, Maine by Gerry Boyle
  • Good Graft, Bad Graft by Bruce DeSilva
  • Exploring the Freedom Trail by Elizabeth Elwood
  • Washed Ashore on Cape Cod by Diane Finney
  • Robert B. Parker’s World by Russell Hill
  • Connecticut Is in My Blood by Ed Ifkovic
  • A Midwesterner’s New England Mystery Novel by Michael A. Kahn
  • Connecticut, In Short by Janice Law
  • Everyone Loves Nantucket. Turns Out, That’s a Crime by Francine Mathews
  • How to Create a New England Author by Edith Maxwell / Maddie Day
  • New England Mysteries: A “Flatlander’s” Perspective by Amy Patricia Meade
  • Not Just Pretty Foliage by Camille Minichino
  • School Days by Leigh Perry
  • My Maine Connection by Dale T. Phillips
  • The Truth in Fictional Settings by Misha Popp
  • The Secret’s in the Setting by Martha Reed
  • The Boston Infrastructure Blues: Or How Geography Is Ruining My Writing Life by Hank Phillippi Ryan
  • The Dark Side of Boston’s Music Scene by Clea Simon
  • History Everywhere by Sarah Stewart Taylor
  • Out of Geppetto’s Workshop and into Shane Cleary’s World by Gabriel Valjan


  • Mystery in Retrospect: Reviews by Aubrey Hamilton, Lesa Holstine, Jim Doherty, L.J. Roberts, Lucinda Surber, Kathy Boone Reel
  • In Short: New England by Marv Lachman
  • Cop Ten: Trailblazers of New England by Jim Doherty
  • A Real-Life New England Fraud by Cathy Pickens
  • From the Editor’s Desk by Janet A. Rudolph

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