Wednesday, January 11, 2023


This just in: Dalgliesh returns to AcornTV for a second series this April.  I'll post when I have an exact date!

From: Tellyvisions:

Dalgliesh, stars Bertie Carvel (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell) as the enigmatic chief investigator Adam Dalgliesh, a man who is intensely private but equally sure of himself, both controlling and deeply empathetic. In the pantheon of great British literary detectives, Dalgliesh is often remembered for the fact that he also happens to be a critically lauded poet in addition to a talented crime solver. 

Season 2 will adapt three more of P.D. James's novels – Death of an Expert Witness which was originally published in 1977, A Certain Justice from 1997, and The Murder Room from 2003. Much like the adaptations featured in the series' first season, the bulk of these three stories do not follow each other in the Dalgliesh chronology, though Death of an Expert Witness is a direct follow-up to Season 1's middle mystery The Black Tower

And more good news! Dalgliesh has been renewed for a Third Season!


Peter Handel said...

funny I just picked up a copy of The Private Patient at a local Goodwill. Reading prose like hers is always rewarding. In other news, Janet, did you know Pat Holt dies Dec 3?

Janet Rudolph said...

Peter, Yes. so sad. She was such a force. Here's the link: