Saturday, January 7, 2023

VERA: Season 12 and more!

VERA, Season 12, comes to BritBox this month. Can't wait. No confirmed date in the U.S., but Season 12 will premiere on January 15 in the UK on ITV, so it's possible that it will drop on BritBox in the US later that week. I'll keep you posted on this blog.

We know in the UK that the series will return with 6 self-contained episodes. Two of those episodes are the final episodes of Season 11. Four episodes will be Season 12. In the U.S. we've seen all of Season 11, so we're anxiously awaiting Season 12.  I love this series.

Vera is, of course, is played by two-time Academy Award nominee Brenda Blethyn. Blethyn brings the Ann Cleeves's Vera Stanhope to life, with her "usual brand of searing insight, caustic wit and fearless detection." Vera's team members, Detective Sergeant Aiden Healy (played by Kenny Doughty) will be back in the new episodes, as well as DC Kenny Lockhart (Jon Morrison), DC Mark Edwards (Riley Jones) and DC Jacqueline Williams (Ibinabo Jack).

The books are based on characters from Ann Cleeves' Vera Stanhope series. Want to catch up on the series? Read all the books. They're wonderful! Well written, great characters, terrific plots, great prose and fabulous setting.

Ann Cleeves's Vera Stanhope mystery novels:

The Crow Trap (1999) 
Telling Tales (2005) 
Hidden Depths (2007) 
Silent Voices (2011) 
The Glass Room (2012) 
Harbour Street (2014) 
The Moth Catcher (2015) 
The Seagull (2017) 
The Darkest Evening (2020) 
The Rising Tide (2022)

Short Stories:
    "The Starlings," by Ann Cleeves in The Starlings and Other Stories, Edited by Ann Cleeves
    "The Habit of Silence," by Ann Cleeves in Best Eaten Cold
    "The Woman on the Island," by Ann Cleeves, originally published as Hector's Other Woman in Guilty Consciences" (Crime Writers' Association). Available as a Kindle single.  Also in Offshore, A Short Story Collection by Ann Cleeves. 


Anonymous said...

Love all of the books and the TV shows.

KimHaysBern said...

Thanks! I'm a fan of Cleeves's newest series of books with Matthew Venn. Don't know Vera. Sounds like I should try both books and TV series.

BarbieCat said...

Kim, yes, you should try both Vera books and the TV shows, as they sometimes stand alone, or are substantially different.

I wonder when the new Vera shows will turn up on Brit Box? Anyone seen any news other than... soon?